We are widely recognised as unique among colleges for educating both the mind and spirit of every student in an enlightening environment through intellectual stimulation, emotional integration and maturity. We aim to enrich the quality of life of the students and discover the intrinsic wisdom contributing to the design of new solutions for mitigating the problems for a better tomorrow .We believe that students are the richest component of our education framework.
Our prophecy is ‘student success’; we are proud of our commitment to our students' achievement and the many services we provide to support their accomplishments. The students would be geared to take the gauntlet of resolving the issues that human beings face in the world today; both micro – relating to their lives and their work, as well as macro – relating to the environment, quality of life of human beings and improvement of the world around us.
Our students with extra-ordinary credentials have pursued higher education in esteemed international colleges in the areas of high-end research and technology. Many of our students are University toppers in the different disciplines that they have pursued. Upal Kr Ghosh, Jayeeta Naskar, Surupa Dutt, Soumi Dutta, Piyalee Mukherjee and Madhumita  some names are worth mentioning. Some students have secured very high scores exceeding 90%on highly competitive exams like MAT, CAT JECA, JEMAT AND GMAT